Integrate Minds designs interactive seminars and networking events with a clear purpose – such as facilitating cross-functional relationships, merging knowledge pools, or engaging participants in creatively exploring new possibilities for their organization. We make every intervention significant, inspiring, and targeted to the roles and levels within the client team. Below is a sample of our signature workshops.

Business Development: The Client Relationship Cycle

The Client Relationship is a business development program designed specifically for professional services firms, to facilitate a strategic approach to building a successful practice – from marketing to client needs assessment to execution to follow up. To ensure relevance and usefulness of the materials produced in the program, participants will receive all training around case studies of real prospective and current clients of their choice. The program consists of four key components to effective Business Development:

  • Defining your unique expertise and value proposition
  • Effectively targeting your marketing efforts, effective client interaction strategies, and making the client your ambassador
  • Tools for strengthening the client relationship
  • Creating your strategic practice development plan

Integrate Minds’ framework The Client Relationship Cycle is used both as a conceptual framework for approaching business development, as well as for in-depth business development strategy formulation and action planning.

Team Development: Achieving and sustaining high performance as a team

Achieving and sustaining high performance as a team is designed to facilitate a definition of “Ideal Performance” and guidelines for how to work together most effectively as a team, strengthen relationships between team members, address uncertainties, foster commitment and accountability, and reach agreement on a set of measurable performance objectives and time-bound action steps to take the team forward in meeting organizational and market demands.

Relationship Development: Building professional relationships and managing conflict

Building professional relationships and managing conflict is designed to strengthen participants’ skills in building and managing relationships with clients and colleagues, and constructively manage conflict. Among other practical techniques, participants learn how to use verbal language to build rapport with different types of people by understanding their thought patterns, how to use body language to win confidence and influence others, and how to facilitate meetings and reach agreement in conflict situations by understanding the different filters that people use to interpret information.

Stress Management: Managing stress and creating a balanced life

Managing Stress is designed to address the common challenges of work-life balance and the specific symptoms of work-related stress such as anxiety and sleeplessness. Based on techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, participants will learn practical and personalized methods for maintaining inner balance under pressure as well as taking charge of limiting symptoms related to stress.

Leadership Development: Integrated Leader

In the unpredictability of today’s environment, more and more leaders are searching for a facilitated path to a personal way of leadership – one that can expand their capacity to balance rational judgment with internal wisdom and objectivity in the midst of the intensity and complexity of business and political landscapes.

Integrated Leader is intended for executives who recognize the need for transformational learning for effective leadership. It is designed to support leaders in having an honest dialogue with themselves – about their values, beliefs, needs and innermost aspirations – and thereby bring them closer to their highest capacity. Every unique individual has their own path to transformation, and Integrated Leader is designed to offer is a well-balanced collection of information, ideas and methods to support this process.

Integrated Leader offers materials and exercises that help you:

  • Identify your key value-adding personal qualities
  • Feel more resourceful within your context and professional responsibilities
  • Enhance your quality of thought and decision-making by understanding your subconscious needs and how they affect your actions and behaviors
  • Identify what holds you back from achieving your greatest potential – and how to defy your obstacles
  • Enhance your ability to build relationships and solve conflict by understanding the subconscious filters that people use to interpret information
  • Understand where you get your energy from, and learn how to quickly recharge
  • Enhance your motivation and your ability to motivate others
  • Increase your confidence in various leadership capacities
  • Improve stress management and work-life balance
  • Align your personal goals with professional and organizational objectives
  • Achieve greater levels of calm in stressful situations

“Integrated Leadership is about leading your life from a clear understanding of who you are – what shaped you, what drives you, what you are capable of – letting go of constraining thought patterns and beliefs, and fully harnessing your own innate power.”

Personality Profile: Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery System is a tool designed to help organisations and individuals increase their productivity, communications, and build successful relationships within teams as well as with clients. Participants complete a 20-minute questionnaire on-line and receive a personal Insights Profile that is confidential and highly customized for them. Each profile is unique, and provides a framework for the professional to maximise leadership strengths, and work on areas that may call for development. Every profile includes a foundation chapter comprising key pages such as: Personal Overview, Strengths and Weaknesses, Value to the Team, Communication, Possible Blind Spots and Suggestions for Development. In addition, the profile can be extended through Discovery’s supplementary chapters that support ongoing development in specific areas such as Leadership, Team Communication, and Business Development.