Thanksgiving: Gratitude, Good Friends, Good Food

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays that I hijacked out of New York, because it’s about gratitude, good friends and good food! In order of importance, here’s what makes a great thanksgiving:

1. The guests. Invite people for whom you are grateful, and let them know.
2. The turkey. The bigger the better, as long as it fits in the oven.
3. The stuffing. Here’s my mix: sautéed lardons, sautéed union, sautéed garlic, sautéed mushrooms, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, cranberries, chopped red apples, chopped celery, chopped cooked chestnuts, and rosemary crutons soaked in Sherry.
4. Drown the bird. Pour Sherry on the roasting turkey at least every 20 minutes.
5. The gravy: reduced heavy cream, red wine, chicken stock, some cranberry jelly, and the juice from the roast turkey.
6. Side dishes. Lots of roasted sweet potatoes, haricot certs, creamed spinach, couscous, whatever you fancy.
7. The food coma. Make time to doze off, ideally by a fire.
8. Think of more to be grateful for.