2011: The Power of the Alphabet

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family,

2011 has been a year of global transformation and individual change for so may people, forces that continue to influence each other, and we have yet to see in which direction. While observing a group of first graders in Iraq learning to write the letter A in English class, I was reminded of how challenging it once was to produce a simple word, let alone a sentence. I am sure you all remember. Imagine if you had never learned. Who would you be? Whose stories would make up your truth? Those children I observed were among the lucky 21% of Iraqi children who are in school – the rest are increasingly recruited into militias. In a season so highly associated with gratitude and moral reflection regardless of our spiritual practice, and as US troops exit Iraq, the question I ponder is when so much violence is committed in the name of religion, what else would bless these children with a moral framework if not at least the ability acquire knowledge?

I pay much gratitude to those of you who have been part of this year and I wish you all a most joyful holiday season. I look forward to sharing more memorable experiences in the year to come.

Kind wishes,

Katinka Nicou